Let it be a party…..

As anticipated in previous issues, 2018 is a very special year for Naicon. 40 years of business and entrepreneurial success should be remembered and celebrated properly. And so it was during the four wonderful days spent together with employees, collaborators, partners, clients and friends on board the Costa Mediterranea ship, between shared moments of pure fun and other more “institutional” ones. Below is an excerpt of the greeting addressed by the President and founder of Naicon – Ennio Clusaz – to the participants in the event. “To go back over forty years of entrepreneurial activity is not easy also because, as the years go by, memory becomes more and more poor. But the most important steps that have allowed us to be here today to celebrate this goal – or rather – a stage of a further long journey for all of us, I cannot forget those. But I’m not boring you with the history of our Group, because then everyone lives it with their sensitivity, their experience and their memories. By the way, finding ourselves here and looking at you, which I consider friends, I find confirmation that the credit of what is now Naicon Group is split in equal parts with all of you, true pillars of the Company, which with your valuable contribution have allowed to realize what I dreamed of in 1978. And, while running the risk of appearing rhetorical, I also want to remember my sons Elvis and Alan who are well showing the continuity of our history in the daily management of the Company. Thank you all, thank you and thank you again”.  A special thanks to those who shared with us this moment of joy and a goodbye to the next opportunity for those who could not participate.

Let it be a party… continued

Elsist UPS provided to RFI

RFI – Italian Railways Network – a joint-stock company, 100% owned by Ferrovie dello Stato of Italy, has purchased three-phase UPS from the Polaris series to protect critical loads on its sites. “We are happy to contribute with our products to the protection of  the network infrastructures of this important industrial entity – says Silvano Valeri, Italy Sales Manager, Industry sector – and to have been selected because our products meet the requirements of reliability and economic competitiveness requested by that Group. “

Railway stations of Campania region protected by UPS Elsist

The Polaris UPSs of 40kVA and 60 ‘of autonomy time have been supplied to some railway stations in the Italian region of Campania, to protect the equipment installed on their sites. “It is with great satisfaction that we announce a new order of our products to protect the equipment of these railway stations – says Elvis Clusaz, Chief Operating Officer of Naicon – demonstrating the reliability of our systems.”

More info at: www.naicon.com