Uninterruptible power supplies – already present on the market and used for decades – are increasingly used in various industrial and IT applications, in public administration, in data centers, and also in the private and civil sectors. With the goals of ensuring continuous operation to critical equipment, the manufacturers of uninterruptible power supplies are improving their product range, adopting a design and production philosophy aimed at supporting the “clean energy” model, givng ever more attention to energy saving and low environmental impact. Elsist – the Naicon Group’s UPS division – also follows this path in the development of its products.

In fact, is moving in this direction the technological evolutions that adopt topologies and switching devices of the latest generation and that allow to obtain a high efficiency and a Unit Power Factor (PF = 1.0), so as to reduce environmental impacts and optimize performance. Less power dissipated means also minimizing the thermal impact in the environment where the UPS is installed, making it easy to place even in small offices or private homes. Other features of the last generation of uninterruptible power supplies are the reduced dimensions compared to the power supplied and the low noise, as well as a simple and remote software communication and supervision mode, a feature that is very useful when a UPS is working inside a Smart Grid.

Another noteworthy feature, especially in medium-high power groups, is the possibility of operating in parallel with a modular architecture, thus obtaining N + 1 redundancy, flexibility, scalability, versatility. It is also worth mentioning the interest that is placed on the important evolution concerning the batteries. These represent a fundamental and sensitive part of a UPS, as well as one of the main components that determine the cost. To date, the type of battery most used in UPSs is the maintenance free lead-acid type.

This is a mature technology, which has achieved a certain stability both in terms of technology and price. With the aforementioned future objectives of energy saving and clean energy, the manufacturers of UPS, including Elsist, are increasingly turning to the use of alternative batteries, such as lithium-ion batteries. So, the development of innovative technological solutions is becoming an increasingly important requirement and represents the future of energy, and today is the primary objective on which the producers of uninterruptible power supplies are committing their resources, in order to guarantee their users reliable, “green” and cost-effective protection.

Elsist to define a commercial agreement with PERL, DE

Elsist continues to expand its business network in foreign countries through agreements with local partners.

Our company has in fact defined an agreement with PERL Notstromsysteme GmbH, a German company specialized in the sale and technical service of critical and emergency power systems, with offices in Munich. PERL will support both sales and technical assistance activities in Germany, in collaboration with our other partner, R.S.I.

“We continue to pursue our goal of becoming a significant player in the market for uninterruptible power supplies in very important countries, such as Germany – says Elvis Clusaz, Director of Operations – through agreements with professionally valid local partners”.

Elsist sales meeting with foreign partners

In the last month of January we had the pleasure of hosting some of our foreign partners at our office for a “two days” in-depth study of the product line, including the presentation of the new UPS series, and definition of commercial plans for the 2019.

“They were very fruitful days – says Bruno Montrasio, Elsist Export Manager – also to improve our mutual knowledge. Our foreign partners showed high interest and appreciation for our products and our capabilities, and contributed constructively to the discussion of development plans, and we wish to see its positive result during 2019.”

A new series of Elsist UPS with Li-ion battery

Elsist announces a new generation of single-phase UPS, on-line double conversion and high efficiency with new lithium ion batteries.

The lithium-ion battery offers higher power density, longer life, lower weight and faster charging times than lead-acid batteries, to maximize power availability to the power system and reduce maintenance costs.

Thanks to these features, the lithium-ion battery can save volume compared to the lead-acid battery, allowing a more effective use of space in the environment.

Being less sensitive to high temperatures, the lithium-ion battery requires less cooling and therefore reduces energy costs, thus reducing the TCO.

The new LION series is currently available with power of 1kVA, 2kVA and 3kVA and with a power factor of 0.9.

It is able to operate over a wide range of input voltage (110Vac-300Vac). It is equipped with a LCD display for reading and setting the different operating parameters.

The UPS is also equipped with an intelligent battery charge mode, so as to optimize its performance. Lithium-ion batteries have an average life of between 12 and 15 years without maintenance, with a strong improvement of MTBF.

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