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Newsletter October 2018

Why the TCO is important When a public administration or a private company has to build a brand new or upgrade a data center, or a telecommunications center, or buy a new device and then protect it with UPS, the budget to be allocated and the return on investment are the two main parameters which [...]

26 October 2018|Elsist, Naicon, News|

Newsletter September 2018

VA or Watt? How to use these data. For the correct sizing of a UPS, the VoltAmpere and Watt measuring units must both be taken into consideration, but sometimes their distinction generates a certain confusion among the end users. In fact, the power supplied by the electronic equipment can be expressed with both these units [...]

03 September 2018|Elsist, Naicon, News|

Newsletter June 2018

Knowing voltage outages mode The availability of electricity is something we often do not think about and which we almost never worry about. Yet many of our daily activities rely on it and all depend on the supply of electricity. A power outage can cause serious disruption and whoever is responsible for keeping these activities [...]

22 June 2018|Elsist, Naicon, News|

Newsletter May 2018

The importance of the technical assistance service NAICON GROUP has always been offering products and solutions to ensure that power systems for critical applications comply with the highest quality standards. Uninterruptible power supplies and stabilizers are produced by highly qualified and certified teams, and our solution range offers complete project management. But if the quality [...]

28 May 2018|Elsist, Naicon, News|

Newsletter April 2018

Naicon Group at Elettrica 2018 NAICON GROUP exhibits its products Diloc for air conditioning and Elsist for electrical continuity at ELETTRICA 2018, from 12 to 15 April in Novara, ITA. Naicon is located at booth # 190. ELETTRICA is an event that takes place every two years, organized by Comoli Ferrari, the largest Italian distributor [...]

11 April 2018|Elsist, Naicon, News|