NEMO 2.0 series by ELSIST in available in seven output power levels and provide a transfer time extremely
short (4ms).
All the models
(from 650VA to 4000VA) are equipped with a LCD display for monitoring:
1. Input Voltage
2. Output Voltage
3. Operating mode with input mains
4. Operating mode with battery
5. Battery Level
6. Low Battery
7. Load Level
8. Overload
9. Errors and malfunctions
NEMO 2.0 series is equipped with an automatic voltage regulation against line voltage deviations (AVR), and with
overload and shortcircuit protections on the output.
All models include an integrated RJ11/RJ45 filtered connector for phone line.
A USB interface is also included in the models.
By means of the embedded shutdown software, the unit allows you to control and monitor the most important
operations of the UPS.
NEMO 2.0 series meets all the requirements requested by international standards
for Safety and EMC