POLARIS is a true on-line UPS, double conversion technology with high efficiency. Input and Output voltages are threephase. Rating power available from 10kVA to 200kVA.
High performance and high efficiency with PF 0,9 and PF 1 on demand.

POLARIS uses power modular technology and it works in redundance mode N+
It is a flexible system, in fact is possible to add or remove power cabinet
s depending by the amount of load to supply. In
this way it is possible to optimize the financial investments by escalating the configuration according to the real needs.
POLARIS can be used for
POLARIS can solve every kind of problems, such as blackouts, spikes, voltage disturbances, frequency disturbances,
harmonic distorsion (THD <2%), current noise, brownouts, surges, and so on.
POLARIS serie uses a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) control to increase the reliability, the efficiency, and for auto
protection and auto diagnosis. Polaris series keep input current balanced. No unbalance problems may occur during the operation.

• True On-line UPS input three-phase + N, output three-phase + N
• Switching time 0 ms
• Power factor 0,9 – (optional PF 1)
• LCD display
• Modular power from 10kVA to 200kVA

DSP (Digital Signal Processor)
Input Low distorsion < 2%
• ECO mode function
• Optional: SNMP, MODBUS, RELAY. Standard: USB port, RS485, EPO contact 

Modular power technology

Modular power technology used for POLARIS serie is an easy “Parallel concept”.
POLARIS serie has an intelligent sensor which automatically detects other UPSs with same power.
No settings via software, no parallel boards needed, UPS it is always ready and with a self test reset and adjust its output power.
Parallel control cables are shielded with double isolation to avoid noise interference.
The cables are connected in ring mode, as shown in the picture below. Ring connection is very reliable.

The parallel configuration guarantees an higher reliability than a single “full power” UPS. For making a correct
configuration it is important to meet the items written below:
1) Every UPS must have the same power and connected to the same by-pass line .
2) The electric cables (input, output, by-pass) must have the same length and same characteristics

Manual POLARIS 10-160 TFT
Manual POLARIS 10-180