Indoor units FROZEN can be combined with all Outdoor units FROZEN, both SINGLE SPLIT or MULTI SPLIT.

FROZEN air conditioner are high efficiency systems in classA+, A++ and A+++, with SCOP > 4,10.
All FROZEN indoor units are WIFI READY and equipped with Remote control.

FROZEN conditioners are class A++ in cooling mode and A++ and A+++ in heating mode;

FROZEN indoor units are equipped with a user friendly remote control;

Wi-Fi function: all FROZEN models are Wi-Fi Ready with the possibility to control the conditioner
via Tablet, iPad or smartphone;

Heating mode: all air conditioning systems may operate in heating mode. For further info, please call
0039 02 95.003.1;

Dehumidifier: in those very humid days, the FROZEN air conditioner allows to reduce that annoying sense of humid
thanks to a cutting-edge system in the reduction of humidity in enclosed places;

Sleep function: FROZEN air conditioners modify their night-time operation, taking into account the reduction in
body temperature, as well as increasing the silent operation;

Auto Swing: automatic oscillation of the air flow’s management fins;

5 years warranty: The compressor has a free 5-year warranty extension testifying to the goodness of the FROZEN air
conditioning engine;

Backlit display: FROZEN air conditioners show all data on a modern backlit display. For those wishing to further reduce
the lighting of the product, the display can be switched off.