Naicon, an indipendent Italian Group, bases its philisophy on the flexibility of the process, with a particular attention towards the respect of the work values, sharing this ethic with all the employees. The company, established in 1978, follows the LEAN MANAGEMENT philosophy, that consists in the constant method research and working management without waste, to satisfy the present and future expectations of the customers. In practice, the primary objective is the maximization of the customer value and the contemporary reduction of the resources that are necessary to generate it.
Naicon principles are based on:
• Culture diffusion, know-how sharing, continuous improvement and communication.
• Problem solving & Service.
• Respect of the single person and of the human values, partnership and common ethic.
In conclusion, through this principles, Naicon works to achieve a concrete, well-according and long lasting development, respecting its cooperators, customers and partners.

The 2 main divisions (Elsist – Diloc), that represent the core-business of the company, enjoy Naicon general services mantaining an operating autonomy. The production locations are strategically positioned, for example in the
emerging markets (Taiwan-China) that, supported by a process check, manage to grant economic competitivity and high production quality.

The sectors where Naicon operates are:

  • Information Technology Distribution
  • Electric Material Distribution
  • Thermo-hydraulic Distribution
  • Key Account (Tlc, Oil, Hospitals, Public, Military…)


The central management of the capitalization in Naicon Group guarantees to each division the necessary fnancial support for the operational development in Italy and in foreign markets.


The main issues are: distribution agreements, strategic national and international alliances, the quality communication, research and development, management winning features, both for Elsist and Diloc. Naicon Group controls the production and technological processes, obtaining appropriate and customized solutions.


Naicon Group invests almost 10% of its turnover in marketing and communication activities, to be always up to date as communicative level.


Naicon Group has a central warehouse and a Logistic Center that are coordinated directly from the main offces; this allows to dispatch and deliver fastest. Using the TAX service, the goods are delivered in 24 hours from the order


elsist-50px ELSIST – Gruppi di Continuità


diloc-50px DILOC – Sistemi di Climatizzazione


naicon-50pxNAICON – Company Profile





Company history

Foundation year
Acquiring of the frst plant in Milan for Elsist production.
Acquiring of the second plant in Milan 2000 mq. for Elsist production
ISO9001 certifcation on Elsist production.
Transformation of the company structure: Naicon srl becomes holding.
Diloc division foundation: air conditioning systems.
Dinergy subsidiary foundation: society for turnkey photovoltaic systems.
Buyout of 4xe brand and production line: measuring instruments for professionals.
3-tre division foundation: safety clothing for professionals.