Elsist introduce the new model MISSION. Mission is a single phase serie from 1KVA to 10KVA with PF 0,9.

On-line double conversion with DSP tecnology (Digital Signal Processor).
Main features are:
High input and output PF
– Wide input voltage range (energy saving)
– Eco Mode (Economic operation mode)
– Back feed protection and Surge
Protection – Auto self test
– Cold Start
– Parallel operation capability
Output By-pass
Additional battery pack
Software included
Intelligent Slot SNMP board
(optional) – Dry contact (optional)

MISSION UPS is equipped with a LCD display to shows all parameters (more than 50 items), and is possible to set the most basic configurations directly on LCD display.


MISSION is a compact UPS, and can be used for all kind of applications.
It is a true on-line transformerless UPS, double conversion technology, single phase, from 1 kVA to 10 kVA. It includes a maintenance bypass (6K
VA and 10KVA models), and it is possible to increase the back-up time by adding battery packs.
MISSION is the most suitable product for critical loads. It has 0 ms switching time and guarantee a perfect protection for all applications requiring an input voltage without disturbances and no interruptions.
A PF at 0,9 and DSP technology (Digital Signal Processor)
it provides high output efficiency for all kind of loads.


MISSION MT series is an equipment specifically designed to provide power to all ancillary circuits in a Medium Voltage substation for at least 60 minutes. It also keep an energy storage in case of long black-out due to maintenance or severe failures on the mains.


Mission MSS series is designed to be compliant with EN50171 standard.
Main applications are:
– Centralized emergency lighting systems
– Automatic fire extinguishing installations
– Paging systems and signalling safety installations
– Smoke extraction equipment
– Carbon monoxide warning systems
– Specific safety installations related to specific buildings, e.g. high-risk areas.
Our “Elsist Battery Control” system allows the right operation in case of mains outages, checking the conditions of every battery pack. The battery charger is designed to recharge the batteries at 80% of total capacity in less than 8 hours.
Autonomy times may be 1, 2 or 3 hours at nominal load, according to the condition specified by EN50171 standard.


50/60Hz Frequency converter at 6kVA and 10kVA with VFI sinusoidal waveform (Voltage and Frequency
Frequency converter supply a linear current and a complete protection to:
– Data Network/PC
– Data center
– Server
– Telecommunication system
– Hospital equipment
– Industrial equipment
The Frequency converter provides an output at 50Hz or 60Hz which is independent from input frequency.
The Power Factor correction circuit improves the quality of absorbed input current, thus increasing the efficiency and saving energy.

Manual MISSION 1k-2k-3k
Manual MISSION 6K-10K
Tech Spec MISSION 1K-2K-3K
Tech Spec MISSION 6K-10K