Industry 4.0 is the ongoing process that will lead to an automated and interconnected industrial production of goods and services. The always evolving digital technologies will have a decisive role and a big influence on this transformation, impacting the use of data, their manipulation and management, the interaction between man and machines, and finally the sector that deals with the transition from digital to real in its various forms (robotics, 3D printing, telecommunications, machine-machine interaction, new technologies, etc.). The Factory 4.0, which derives from this industrial “revolution”, will be mainly composed of machines that are completely interconnected with each other, interacting with each other, performing self-diagnostics and automatic maintenance. Progress in technological evolution will bring factories to predict production yields autonomously, to adopt the best prevention measures and to implement self-repair actions. The workflow can be reproduced in a virtual way, therefore before physically preparing it in the workshop, to verify its behavior and enhance its performance. The factory will be able to supply itself with energy without waste and at the lowest possible cost; it will be able to dialogue with all the structures through IT communication networks: in a word it will be “smart”. These significant changes, in part already underway, will have great effects on the ways and times of work, and will probably also change lifestyles. Changes of this magnitude will be made possible only thanks to an integrated development between the information exchange networks, both software and hardware. But to achieve these goals of efficiency, flexibility, productivity, speed, without waiving from the quality of products and services, it is essential that the entire chain is free from risks of interruption on flow and operation, especially due to malfunctions coming from outside, such as disturbances on the power supply line.

One of the solutions to prevent and protect these equipment is the use of UPSs, to ensure the supply of electrical energy in a continuous way and without disturbance. As already highlighted in the editorial of the last Newsletter, also the UPSs are having a technological evolution that allows them to improve their own performances and to integrate well in the new “world” 4.0. In fact – among other things – they must know how to dialogue with the surrounding systems, managing the information received or supplied in a smart way. Even the Elsist systems, thanks to their communication capabilities (SNMP, Modbus, RS232, RS485, USB, etc.), are compatible with these new requirements.

Elsist UPS at Fontanarossa airport in Catania, Italy

The three-phase UPS of Polaris series will protect some equipment of the Catania airport Fontanarossa. This installation is in addition to others already implemented in the past in various Italian airports, reflecting the reliability of Elsist products.

“It is a great satisfaction for us to be able to supply our systems to this airport – says Silvano Valeri – Italy’s commercial director, Industry – which joins the many others that have already adopted our products, in environments where operation without interruption is an obligation, demonstrating the reliability of our equipment.

The new 2019 Catalog

The 2019 Catalog is now available.

It contains all the products currently in production, including the new models, such as UPS Modem, Lion, Polaris Switchboard, Li-ion batteries, as well as the updated Polaris and Nautilus series.

All Elsist products at a glance!

The Catalog is available at the link:

A new series of Elsist UPS with DC voltage for Modem protection

Elsist announces a new generation of single-phase uninterruptible power supplies with DC output voltages, designed to protect modems / routers and other internet connection equipment.

The device operates with a wide range input voltage and delivers five different continuous output voltages.

The UPS is controlled by a microprocessor for highly reliable operation. Equipped with batteries capable of supporting the average load of a modem for a few hours during a  power failure, UPS MODEM is also equipped with an automatic restart function when the network returns.

The system also has the possibility of being installed on the wall, if necessary.

UPS MODEM is the right product to support telephone lines, wireless local loop, Fiber to Home, Fiber to Curb, Voice over IP, Voice over DSL, modem, and to avoid interruption in internet connections.