ELSIST, the brand of Naicon Group which for over 40 years has been designing UPSs, generators and stabilizers, presents POLARIS SWB, the three phase double conversion UPS for switchboard.

POLARIS SWB is a high performance special, double conversion online system with  Input and Output three -phase voltage with PF 0.9 and PF 1.

Elsist’s POLARIS SWB online technology is characterized by zero time intervention, thus ensuring a continuous protection of the load without interruption of power and with the same waveform (perfectly sinusoidal), both with power supply  operation and with battery operation. The alternating sinusoidal voltage, free from distortion, is thus perfectly reconstructed for 24 hours a day, avoiding any problem.

Elsist’s online technology UPS POLARIS SWB are suitable for the protection of servers, company networks, storage systems, automation, video surveillance and security. The online technology ensures total protection, not only relating to blackouts, but to all the voltage and frequency variations that every day silently attack our users. POLARIS SWB represents the latest frontier in double conversion online UPS and it is particularly suitable for plant engineering, electromedical and safety use in general. POLARIS SWB can be used in industrial applications such as pharmaceutical applications, especially essential at this historic moment, food, auto production lines, wastewater treatment plants, electron beam technology, steel production, mines and tunnelling and for all high temperature, high humidity and dust applications.

ELSIST’s POLARIS SWB uses power modular technology and it works in redundancy mode N+X using the concept of “parallel”, incorporating it into the hardware and software part of the UPS.

Elsist’s POLARIS SWB  is supplied with special stainless steel enclosure with IP54 protection and it’s  equipped with air conditioning to ensure optimal operation at any time.